Showlove, Nigerian gifting social platform, launches with $300,000 funding

Showlove, Nigerian gifting social platform, launches with $300,000 funding

Back in 2020, Chikaodi Ukaiwe founded Showlove as a social media platform for Nigerians who wanted to gift things to their family, friends and loved ones. Today, the company has closed a US$300,000 pre seed funding to back its motion and expand its services even better in the country.

The idea of the platform is to have a place where users can socially share their wants and needs with either a select crop of family and friends – or with the general public. To better the gifting appeal, vendor and SMEs are also linked to the platform. Thus, it becomes easier for the giver of such gifts to find the best place to get the gift and send to their contact.

With the beta launching in December 2020, Showlove trialled purchasing vouchers that can work with online and offline retailers all over the country. These vouchers can then be redeemed by whoever got them at the chosen store, allowing them to buy what they wanted from such a vendor.

Launching to the general public now, Showlove is also happy to announce that they have closed such a funding that has allowed them enjoy the kind of growth which they have on their sides now.

As of now, the app will also allow followers, friends and family contribute towards the actualisation of someone’s wishlist. This takes the pressure off just one person trying o get a gift for someone on the platform.

We have high hopes for this one and we can’t wait to see how its success plays out.