Samsung is working on the successor to the Galaxy Watch Active

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active made its debut four months ago, and it still is one of the most demanded and popular watches on the market. In fact, its popularity has blown out of proportions so much that the South-Korean manufacturing company has started work on the second-generation model of the watch.

The new model will come without a rotating bezel much like the original, according to sources within the company. A lot hasn’t been released about the model but we can assume that Samsung plans to retain the same overall look as the first generation of the watch. But it cannot really be called an improvement without a few external tweaks which will be looked forward to by the millions of users worldwide.

Along with the changes on the design, we can expect some internal changes and software upgrades. Upgrades will be made available for the fitness-focused features and a likely introduction of new features should accompany the new model.

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This would be a major boost amidst consumers and can raise competition points against other competitors like Apple (who apparently found big success with its range of health-related features) in the market.

With all things being held equal, we should expect the Galaxy Watch Active 2 anytime soon as the Galaxy Watch Active was just recently launched. Instead, early 2020 is a better time for the Smartwatch to make its debut with the Galaxy S11 series.

In the meantime, Samsung will be keeping users busy with a lot of new smartphones like the eagerly anticipated Galaxy A90 series and its other line of accessories 

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