Samsung Galaxy Fold gets delayed till sometimes in July again

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to make the market in or before the month of May, but some design flaws have kept the unit out of the market. The company has since dedicated its time and resources to ensure the units are as safe and sound as possible when they do make the market.

For that, the launch date was shifted to sometimes in June.

According to new reports, we might have to wait till July to get the unit now.

Looking at this from another angle, Samsung feels less threatened by Huawei unveiling its own foldable unit first since the company is in the middle of a trade war with the US. Since they don’t have much competition to deal with, for now, they can afford to take time off to ensure the unit is just as perfect as possible.

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Ever since its introduction on launch, there has been a series of issues plaguing the stability and everyday usability of the foldable Samsung smartphone. We hope that all the time they are taking counts for something by the time the unit finally makes the market.

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