Samsung extends cloud discontinuation service by an extra 30 days

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Samsung had announced since October of last year that it was getting out of the cloud game. Thus, users of the Samsung Cloud service now had to migrate all of their date to Microsoft OneDrive platform.

The company had also given enough time for this to happen, previously setting the due date for the migration to happen to August, 2021. Now, the South Korean OEM has come out with an extension that allows an extra 30 days so that users can get all of their date to the OneDrive platform by September 2021 instead.

Users who do not migrate their data before the end of the due date will no longer be able to complete that operation from October. However, Samsung maintains that users will still be able to access and download the cloud data in October. From November, though, all of the service and its infrastructure become disabled – so much that users cannot even download the data that they have stored on the cloud.

We recommend that if you’re using the Samsung Cloud, now is a good time as any to make the migration. Even if you would not be migrating, consider downloading your data and storing in a safe place.

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