Report suggests that the Galaxy Watch 4 is coming in Q2 2021

Report suggests that the Galaxy Watch 4 is coming in Q2 2021

We are still talking about the Galaxy Watch 3 and we love what Samsung has done with that wearable. What we might not have known, however, is that the South Korean OEM has been planning a successor to this watch as fast as they can.

The report that brings this to our notice also states that the company will be introducing the watches to succeed both the Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch Active 3 in Q2 2021. This is an earlier timeframe than the company introduces its watches – and it could be a move to beat Apple at the game before they bring out any new units in September.

Remember that the biggest thing about the launch of the watches from these two giants last year was the oximeter sensor. This year, they both want to step that up with a blood glucose level sensor. If Samsung makes the launch first, it could claim to be the pioneer of the technology.

We hope that the rush to launch before Apple doesn’t get the company in muddy waters like what happened with the Galaxy Note 7 units, though.

For now, take this report with a grain of salt till the company confirms anything from its stables.