PlentyWaka raises US$1.2 million as it purchases another Ghanaian mobility start-up

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PlentyWaka, a Nigeran bus hailing and mobility service, has plenty going on for it these days.

After just securing some funding to expand its services beyond Lagos into other commercial hubs in the country, they have secured yet another US$1.2 million that enables them grow and expand even further. The evidence of that growth is already showing in the company’s latest acquisition of Stabus, a Ghanaian start-up in the same industry.

With this acquisition, PlentyWaka begins to make its move outside of the Nigerian market as it seeks to become a bus hailing service to be reckoned with in the whole of West Africa and even Africa at large.

Since launch, the PlentyWaka service has been based on helping passengers book bus fares online and in real time like they would buy air fares. Over the past year alone, the company has enjoyed considerable growth in the area of funding and also, getting people to use and commit to its services.

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Thus, it makes sense that they capitalise on that current visibility to even reach more people while curating better solutions to help the existing market base.

The latest funding round is led by Xchange, a Toronto-based fund, which is geared towards helping the Nigerian start-up scale, and do so fast.

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