Paystack and BuyCoins launch remote work mode amid coronavirus concerns

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Paystack is one of the Nigerian startups that have already started making plans towards ensuring that they will still be in business if they have to shut down the offices.

There was already a plan for the offices to be closed to all members of staff from Friday, but that simulation plan was moved up to Thursday instead. The idea is to see how seamless it would be for the members of staff of the company to work from home and provide guidance on the lapses that might be involved.

Even though the CPVID-19 cases in Nigeria has not been escalated to such a level yet, that would allow the company to prepare itself for this case if it does happen.

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We love this kind of forward thinking, and we believe more companies will start following suit soon. It should also be noted that the Paystack offices have been closed to guests, and it is bound to remain so for some 2 weeks from now. This will help ensure that there is no gathering of too many people in the same place, further curtailing the spread of the virus.

Besides Paystack, it has also made the news that BuyCoins is operating in full remote mode right now. The CEO has commented that the situation will remain this way for the next couple of weeks while monitoring the development of the coronavirus case in Nigeria.

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