Patent filing reveals the possible name of alleged Huawei in-house OS

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We have already reported that Huawei has its own operating system in the works, and it could be ready to launch soon if all goes well.

As at when we reported that, we didn’t have any idea how soon that launch could be. Recent patent filings by the company could have confirmed the coming of this OS much sooner than we expected.

Less than one week after Goole stopped working with Huawei officially, the Asian company filed a patent on the 24th of May. Going for names, the patent reveals that the product being protected would be called either of Huawei Ark OS, Huawei Ark, Ark or Ark OS.

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Our money is on the latter to be the official name of this OS when it does come out, but it rivals initial thoughts that they would prefer to call it KirinOS.

Depending on what happens from here, Huawei could start gaining back the market share they have lost in light of recent events and go on to become a world smartphone power. Afterall, they have already shown Samsung that they are not afraid of the competition while outselling Apple too.

What’s more to fear?

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