Opera adds anti-mining protection to their mobile browsers, protects users from cryptojackers

opera bitcon mining

opera bitcon mining

Opera, the company behind the mobile and desktop browsers, has announced the addition of mining protection to all of its browsers. Cryptocurrency is now a hot topic with bitcoin leading the charge. That has led to a lot of people wanting to get their hands on as much as they can, and some of them are going to extreme means to get this done.

One of those extreme methods is a new approach by website owners to install mining scripts on their websites. When you get onto such websites, they start using your computer to mine for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, often without your consent.

To stop this, Opera launched the mining protection on its desktop browsers, becoming the first major browsing software to do so. To further protect a larger percentage of its customers, the same feature has now been introduced to the mobile versions of the internet browsing application.

One might feel the need for this kind of protection is uncalled for, but if the reports on the internet are anything to go by, more than 3 million internet users are already at the risk of cryptojacking. That being said, one is sure to change their mind towards all of this.

According to the VP Product Marketing at Opera, Jan Standal,

When you browse the web, there are no visual clues that your device is exposed to mining. A single web page you visit can take up to 4 – 5 hours of our battery time if you keep the tab open. This often turn out to be just the battery time you need to use a ride-hailing app or check the map to get home.

If care is not taken and the cryptojackers are left to run unchecked, we could be looking at a new wave of performance drop across mobile devices all over the world