OnePlus 7 Pro gets camera, touch improvements and security patch in a new update

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OnePlus cannot just stop releasing new updates to the users of their current flagship, and that is evident in the new rollout which commenced about a couple of days ago. Coming in as the OxygenOS 9.5.5, this update carries the security patch for June while also bringing some minor fixes and improvements with it.

Speaking of improvements, this is where things get interesting. For one, there are a ton of camera improvements to get the best out of the camera setup that this device has. From the first time this device reached the hands of a user, this camera has been one of the things OnePlus has been focused on the most.

Besides that, there is also an improved audio quality fix as well as screen touch sensitivity packages in this new update.

We believe everyone should have gotten a notification for the update as we speak. Note that this update is only applicable to the OnePlus 7 Pro – which is the top of the line model for this year’s releases.

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