Nile, a South African Startup that connects Farmers with Produce buyers goes Official

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As the world continues to advance in tech innovations, a South African based firm has devised a comfortable means for farmers to sell their products.

Recently, Nile unveiled a tech-enabled online platform that facilitates the wholesale trade of fresh farm produce. The innovation aims to provide a seamless connection between farmers and direct buyers.

The startup is a Business-to-Business firm that aggregates supply across the SADC region. It provides buyers with high-quality fresh farm produce at competitive rates.

‘’Our platform makes it easy to trade farm produce. Wholesale buyers can now view the availability and live prices of preferred produce from multiple farmers across different regions. A buyer can make an instant order by selecting specific ripeness, grade, size, and packaging,’’ said Louis de Kock, co-founder of Nile.

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The founding team of the startup started deploying the concept behind the online marketplace last February. However, the platform didn’t launch until last November when it went public.

The startup aims to take advantage of the rate at which people desire quality and fresh farm produce in South Africa to generate some revenue.

‘’Nile has developed a digital ecosystem that solves issues inherent to food trading – including quality verification, price discovery, payments, and logistics,’’ Kock concluded.

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