Netflix debuts Fast Laughs to rival TikTok and IG Reels

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Netflix won’t let Instagram and TikTok have all the fun – so they have brought you something for some fast laughs.

We mean it. The name of the platform is basically ‘Fast Laughs.’

This is similar to that TikTok and the IG Reels bring to the table.

However, the company takes a unique approach to how things are done on its own platform.

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For the other services, user generated content is the order of the day. Here, interested users create the content that the community consumes.

For Netflix, the company will take short clips from movies that are funny. These very short scenes are designed to bring laughs out of the audience.

The genius behind this idea is that Netflix can get more streams out of users. After all, seeing a funny scene could spur a user into wanting to see a movie again or for the first time.

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