Multichoice Announces Its Plans to Invest More in Ethiopia

Multichoice Announces Its Plans to Invest More in Ethiopia

In a bid to widen its reach, and of course, generate more revenue, Multichoice has announced its plans to increase its investment in Ethiopia significantly. The country, which is recognized for having a large population, will yield desirable results for the company due to its population density.

Since 1992, Multichoice has been operating in Ethiopia. Now, the firm is strategizing on how to expand its reach by investment in infrastructure and providing support for Ethiopian content. Investing a great deal in local content is also part of the ways the company looks to achieve its objectives.

‘’Over the years, we’ve been committed to providing quality service in Ethiopia. It has been over 30 years since we launched our local operation in the country, and we are still active till today. Unlike other businesses, we have built a strong brand, which has delivered to us, excellent results over the years. The strong root we have in the country has presented us with a distinct advantage to unlock new opportunities as we encounter them,’’ says the CEO of Multichoice, Calvo Mawela.

Also, the presence of Multichoice in the country has contributed to the growth of the economy actively and passively. Multichoice employs directly, over 100 Ethiopians, and through its network of technicians, installers, and its supply chain, hundreds more are provided with jobs indirectly.

‘’Ethiopia has shown its commitment to supporting businesses from all around the world. Therefore, we will continue to exercise our commitment to Ethiopia by developing local skills and industries, and by creating amazing content that connects with the Ethiopians.’’ Mawela concluded.