MTN Liberia Enters into Partnership with Sendwave to Encourage International Remittances in Liberia

MTN Liberia Enters into Partnership with Sendwave to Encourage International Remittances in Liberia
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The effect of the pandemic on many businesses have caused them to diversify into other fields and to partner with other complementary brands.

To keep the business afloat and keep their operations running,  they need to make strategic plans and take calculated risks.

Such plan is what MTN, a major telecommunication company in Africa, has been making.

A couple of days back, we reported the telecom giant’s deal with WorldRemit. The two companies joined forces to increase international remittances in Liberia.

As MTN continues to sniff out ways to sustain its operations and increase revenue, it has entered into another partnership with a fintech company in Liberia.

In a bid to provide its customers with a secure means of receiving funds, Lonestar Cell MTN has collaborated with Sendwave to enable its customers to receive payments directly from the United States into their Mobile Money accounts.

According to MTN, using MoMo for international transactions and daily financials is safer and more convenient.

‘’We are thrilled and indeed proud to be pioneers of innovative financial technologies and partnerships, which provides Liberians with a smooth and secure financial environment. Our international remittance partnership with Sendwave allows for just that,’’ says the Acting GM, Lonestar Cell MTN, Christopher Ssali.

With the rapid growth of our MoMo ecosystem, customers can use payments received to pay bills, buy goods, and pay for services.

Also, if our customers require cash, they can always visit any of our Lonestar Cell MTN cashpoints.

Presently, there are over 8,000 MTN cashpoints all around Libera, and the figure is increasing by the day to makes it easier and convenient to get cash without going far.

‘’We are happy to work hand-in-hand with Lonestar Cell MTN to launch a low-cost money transfer medium from the USA to MoMo wallets of Liberians. It will encourage individuals in the US to send money directly to families, friends, and business partners from their Sendwave app,’’ says Sendwave’s Director of Growth, Alex Banks.

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