MTN Group Selects Karl Toriola as New CEO for MTN Nigeria

MTN Group Selects Karl Toriola as New CEO for MTN Nigeria
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MTN Group has appointed the current VP for MTN Group’s West Africa and Central Africa region, Karl Toriola, to be the new Chief Executive Officer of MTN Nigeria.

According to the company, he will assume MTN Nigeria’s CEO’s position starting March 1, 2021.

Karl is to take over the post from Ferdi Moolman, who has served MTN Nigeria with distinction for the past five years. The company plans to transfer Moolman to its base of operations in South Africa, assuming the role of Group Chief Risk Officer.

Toriola, who has a BSc Hons in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and MSc in Communications systems, has overseen the steady growth of the operating companies in the West African and Central African region he coordinates.

Under his administration, there was a notable change in MTN’s operations in Cameroon and Ivory Coast over the past two years.

The West African markets have also recorded significant successes like an increase in market shares and the development of mobile-based financial services.

Since Toriola joined the MTN Group, he has held and served in several top positions such as CEO of MTN Cameroon and chief technical officer of MTN Nigeria.

Besides, he is also a recognized board member of many firms within the MTN Group.

“Karl brings with him extensive technical and commercial experience, as well as an in-depth understanding of the Nigerian market. These virtues make him a perfect fit for the role,” says Ralph Mupita, CEO and MTN Group president.

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