Mozilla Firefox 67 update addresses speed, memory and security issues

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Mozilla has been in the works over a new version of its Firefox, and we now have the Firefox 67 to thank for all that hard work. This is not just like any other update aimed at improving the feel and aesthetic alone, but actually brings on board a lot of important features and silent ones that you might not even know are there – yet will better your browsing experience.

One of the biggest things that this update brings on board is an internal procrastination feature which lets the system do only the most important thing before loading all other tasks.

This will ensure users have a faster browsing time than before. Thus, the browser will choose to load a flat page first and keep the task of loading the extra auto fill form pages to when it is needed. This can surely save a lot of time, in line with other things this feature can do.

Besides that, Mozilla touched on the subject of security by addressing fingerprinting and making sure cryptocurrency miners cannot take advantage of your system anymore. This is surely one problem which has been around for a while now, and it’s cool that they are getting around to facing it.

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Besides that, the new update does a great job of keeping tasks properly managed when your device is low on storage. Combined, that not only makes for a faster browsing experience, but a much smoother and safer one.

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