Microsoft Reveals two New PowerPoint 2016 Features


Microsoft has revealed that the latest version of PowerPoint 2016 Office suite will possess two new creative features, named Designer and Morph, to handle the presentations in a more professional way.

These features will enable the Office 365 users to polish their slides and add eye-catching motion effects to their slide shows.

The first feature, Designer, was created to give an extra command over the presentation rather than sticking to the control system.

Microsoft’s Chris Maloney said that the purpose of creating Designer is to reduce the number of clicks for a particular task and exclude the complexities of advanced controls.

Maloney also explained that Designer will reduce up to 150 essential clicks for a presentation task, ultimately saving the user from stress. Designer will also enable the users to create extraordinary presentations even with a little knowledge of PowerPoint.

To meet the goal, almost 1200 designs have been added to the template. In order to save people from boredom, Designer checks the inserted images and inserts only the useful content related to the task.

Office corporate Vice President Kirk Koenigsbauer stated in a web post:

“The release of these features is the first step towards evolution of Power PointDesigner and Morph are smart tools that will enable users to design like professionals.”

The second innovative feature, Morph, makes transition animations easy to pull off. Two different slides are merged into each other, fading one’s elements through transitions. If there is a chart that expands to two slides, Morph will automatically shrink it to display in one slide.

Long and oddly designed presentations with bouncing texts and weird shades have always been disliked by the audience as well as the presenter. But Morph handles the slides intelligently by smoothly replacing one slide with another.

Users of Office 365 can now tune their PowerPoint to receive the latest updates and enjoy the awesome ride.