Microsoft Hololens Prices at $3000 for Developer Edition, Shipping Q1 2016

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Microsoft has announced the opening price and estimated availability of its Windows-10 powered Hololens augmented reality headset. The company said they will make HoloLens kits available in the first quarter of the coming year.

According to Terry Myerson, Executive VP of Microsoft Windows and devices group,

“Whether it’s for productivity, a health care, design or entertainment, HoloLens creates experiences that aren’t possible on any other device, or any other platform.”

The kit containing a head gear and a battery – operated Windows computer with generating capabilities of 3D CG objects will cost $3000 for the initial edition targeted at developers.

The Hololens will initially be sold on invite-only basis and company is now accepting applications on its website.

The high price indicates that the product is not consumer-oriented and is designed to cater a particular segment of the market.

According to Microsoft, the Hololens headsets are meant to serve commercial customers and developers. The company though has not yet revealed the number of kits they are planning to release but Microsoft has already contacted NASA and some other professionals.

The good part is that the development edition is totally cordless and can be used without any physical wire.

The HoloLens functionality was illustrated using Project Xray which is an augmented reality game and showed how shooting game can be played while sitting in a living room.

For those who are interested, Microsoft is looking for professional, creative developers who can contribute to build a high-powered community.

HoloLens along with its exceptional build and unique AR experience is certainly a choice of modern developers to contribute towards a dynamic tomorrow.

It’s now up to the creative developers to use this device to develop new platforms and other interactive creations.



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