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Microsoft Excel attains 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store

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Even though the Microsoft company came up with its own mobile OS which has since failed in the market, they have always been a pro-Android movement. To buttress that point, they have made just about all their apps available on the Google Play Store, and for long too.

Their efforts are now being crowned with the Microsoft Excel package going on to achieve 1 billion downloads in the store.

It should be noted that the Play Store does not make real-time physical counts of all the installations an app has gotten. What they do is update the app page when it reaches certain milestones such as 50 million, 100 million, 500 million and a billion.

Thus, we cannot peg when exactly this milestone was attained. We can put the data as sometimes in the past couple of days though.

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As of now, Microsoft has other apps which could well be on their way to achieving this milestone too. With all of PowerPoint, Launcher and Your Phone between 10 and 500 million downloads already, it is just a matter of time before we have another report of this kind from Microsoft’s quarters.

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