Material Design Lite For Websites By Google

material design lite
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OK, GOOGLE! What’s Material Design Lite?

Material Design Lite (MDL) is a front-end web framework launched by Google to help websites to look more like an Android application.

It will bring “Material Design” design as a form of guidelines to the internet using technologies like CSS, JavaScript and HTML and its code is under 27KB.

Can we be more specific?

Material Design Lite is the use of a collection of stuff like typography, breakpoint widths, animations, and more to create a website true to the Material Design specifications.

It has the potential to be used as any front-end solution to a web developer or designer. Anyone familiar with Bootstrap can get a hold of MDL in no time.

With it a developer can take pieces of ‘Material Design’ to use when the entire code is not required.

This is called ‘Paper element’. For example, a developer can plug in just a graph provided in ‘Material Design Lite’ without using any other components that might accompany the graph.

Developers can get ‘Material Design Lite’ on Google’s content delivery network on GitHub.

Currently, MDL is inclined to comply in case of specs, but Google will continue to fine tune it as they receive feedback.

Material Design Lite will include Material Design style components. Buttons, checkboxes, input fields, custom topography and more Material Design style components will be included.

Responsive grid and Breakpoint (i.e. what happens when the windows get too narrow to display all elements side-by-side) as specific to the Material Design adaptive UI guidelines are also included.

Google has explicitly said that MDL is tailored and best for websites heavy on texts, e.g. blogs and marketing pages.

MDL will work best on the following browsers:

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Safari. Read More

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