Lenovo debuts a prototype laptop with foldable OLED screen

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Samsung has already led the charge for smartphone makers to start dropping foldable devices, and we will soon be getting these units in the market. Huawei has also unveiled its own answer to the Samsung challenge, and we believe they will pave the way for more innovation in the foldable screen market.

What we might not have been prepared for this fast, though, is a laptop that would carry a foldable screen of its own. It is also surprising that this is not from Samsung (who everyone knows to have laptop arm) but Lenovo. Given that the Motorola owner has been quiet in the foldable phone screen market, it is a surprise that they will go this way.

Of course, what we are seeing now is still a prototype and would need some tweaking before we can ever see it in the market. Likewise, Lenovo still has the questions of how to put in a physical keyboard to consider, but they should be over those soon enough. The fact that they could get such a panel onto the laptop is a great thing to begin with.

At this pace, the rate at which technology is changing should be considered alarming. This will drive new innovation, and we cannot wait for the future of our phones and laptops.

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