Koliko, A Ghanaian Food Delivery Startup Ready to Expand Across the Nation Following a Successful Pilot Stage

Koliko, A Ghanaian Food Delivery Startup Ready to Expand Across the Nation Following a Successful Pilot Stage
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After the successfully completing the pilot phase, a Ghanaian food delivery startup, Koliko, is all set to expand its services across the country.

The decision to go fully public came following the positive response recorded during the early months of operations.

According to the firm, hundreds of users subscribed to the food delivery service during the testing phase.

Osborne Amankwah and Asante Julius founded Koliko after completing their university educations.

The food delivery service underwent the beta testing stage between September 2019 and January 2020 before it finally launched this year February.

The food delivery service gives the users the liberty to choose what they’d love to eat via a mobile app that has a detailed menu from food vendors and various local restaurants.

Commenting, the startup mentions that its innovation will not only generate money for the business, but it will also empower restaurants and food vendors by connecting them with a myriad of customers and increase revenue generated.

‘’We aim to help satisfy the cravings of our customers by connecting them to food vendors and restaurants in their vicinity. By that, we are empowering the growth of these food vendors and restaurants,’’ said Asante.

‘’Our platform also offers additional value that edges us over our competitors. The Koliko food delivery platform also helps the user to choose a healthy meal and one that meets their nutritional requirements.’’

So far, the startup has experienced a strong use of its platform. Presently, the firm has about 1,000 active users, and it has processed and completed over 6,000 orders since operations began.

‘’We started by targeting tertiary institutions and young professionals in Sunyani because it is a large market with little competition. We saw it as a good location to test our proof of concept,’’ Asante added.

‘’We look forward to expanding to Kumasi, Accra, and Tamale in Ghana with prospects to introduce our services to other African countries like Nigeria and Kenya.’’

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