Kids Digital Library launches a digital platform to ease the learning process for kids

Kids Digital Library launches a digital platform to ease the learning process for kids

The world evolves every day, and the process of performing a handful of tasks have changed – thanks to technology.

It’s no news that learning is not an easy process. However, learning creatively is fun, and it aids better understanding.

Therefore, a Nigerian startup has come up with a convenient way to help kids learn. The startup – Kids Digital Library – has developed a simple application that offers children a simple and effective learning environment.

Through the app, the kids will take educational lectures with books, pictorial representations, and videos.

On the KDL app, kids between the ages of 8 and 15 have access to educative and creative learning content.

The app is engineered to cut out irrelevant adverts and other forms of distractions to allow for better interactions with the learning materials on the platform.

The digital library app comprises content on topics like English, Mathematics, Health, Science, Language, and more.

‘’Our goal is to provide a unique blend of learning with fun for kids,’’ said Itopaking David, founder of Kids Digital Library.

David mentioned that he came up with the idea during the lockdown period in Nigeria in 2020.

‘’Many parents would gladly turn to the digital world for an alternative learning resource for their kids,’’ he added.

‘’We are filling the gap for access to educational resources online for kids in the simplest and most engaging form – through video and cartoon books.’’

‘’Many parents are in tune with this idea. And they constantly subscribe to this service during the post-COVID resumption of schools.’’

‘’We look to collaborate with schools for better synergy in incorporating the curriculum on the platform for their wards.’’