Kenyan Startup, Sokowatch, Introduces Electric tuk-tuks for Commercial Use in Uganda

Kenyan Startup, Sokowatch, Introduces Electric tuk-tuks for Commercial Use in Uganda
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As many companies continue to devise better means for their business to generate more revenue, Sokowatch, a Kenya-based e-commerce firm, has decided to add electric tuk-tuks to its existing delivery fleet in Uganda.

The new development makes the company the first in Africa to use electric automobiles for commercial purposes.

The startup began operations in 2016, and it has the vision to reinvent and change the perception behind retail in Africa. Sokowatch aims to actualize its vision by providing real-time delivery services, financing for development, and data for effective business management to informal clients.

Sokowatch’s services enable informal retailers to order for products through SMS, voice call, or mobile app, and they get free delivery of the goods on the same day.

The firm offers its retailers with a customized line of credit, and presently, Sokowatch has a network of over 16,000 shop owners who make use of its services to order for desired products.

The company’s thoughtful initiative of free same-day delivery is simplifying the access to essential products and services in nine major East African cities, especially in this COVID-19 era.

To further increase efficiency and productivity, the startup has now added electric delivery tuk-tuks to its delivery automobiles.

The new vehicles, which were built and assembled by the head mechanic at Sokowatch, Mary NanKinga, aligns with the firm’s plan to promote a cleaner and more sustainable environment on operating markets.

According to the company, it takes three hours for the vehicles to charge fully, and a full charge can power each tuk-tuk for two to three days.

Also, the electric tuk-tuks can make deliveries to approximately 35 shops in a day, and they can carry products weighing 500kg respectively.

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