Karisimbi Introduces Electronic Medical Records to help Rwandan Hospitals go Paperless

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Karisimbi Technology is a Rwanda-based e-health startup that is working round the clock to reduce – and possibly eliminate – paperwork in Rwandan Hospitals.

In that vein, the health-focused startup has started offering hospitals digital patient files that ease service delivery.

So far, the innovation by Karisimbi has been to treat over 30,000 patients in various hospitals across Rwanda.

The startup began operations in 2016. It was founded by Angelo Igitego after accompanying a relative to a local hospital in Kigali.

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‘’Wait times were very long and difficult. As a systems thinker, I saw there was an opportunity to automate repetitive tasks like patient file creation, file retrieval, and billing,’’ said Angelo.

Angelo did come up with a solution and named it IvuliroTech. It is a software that helps hospitals go paperless, and it provides them with detailed electronic medical records for every patient.

‘’Paper files are expensive to print, store, and manage. Besides, they cause a delay in service delivery. Imagine having to look for a single file among thousands of files when the life of the patient is on the line.’’

Karisimbi’s primary aim is to solve the problem of delayed service delivery by eliminating the cause of the delay. Since the firm launched its MVP in September 2019, over a dozen hospital have adopted the digital recording system.

‘’Ninety percent of them are paying clients. We are in the process of working with the umbrella organization of private medical facilities. The collaboration will boost our market share handsomely in the next two years,’’ Angelo concluded.

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