Huawei is developing its own Play Store alternative, but it could mean nothing for them

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Getting kicked off the Android platform has always been coming for Huawei, and the Asian OEM is not taking that news on their backs either.

For months now, they have been in the works over what is going to be a Play Store alternative. This move was made so that when they do finally get off the Android OS platform, their users would not feel left out in any way.

Well, that App Gallery – as Huawei has chosen to call it – has now come to life, but they might be getting nowhere with it.

For one, there is no problem with the fact that the App Gallery would soon be able to run almost all of the apps that are seen on the Google Play Store today. On yet another front, it wouldn’t be difficult for Huawei to offer incentives to developers who would consider coding their software for the internal app store.

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The big problem, however, is that Huawei would still be without the main Google products – all of YouTube, Gmail, Drive and so on.

Besides, they could also be booted off from major US-based social media networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp. All of these services represent why many use their phone in the first place, so it does seem like they are going down the drain anyways.

It is a tough time for a company that is just starting to shape the world of Android smartphones in another direction, but we wait to see how they come out on top in this challenge.

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