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High-Resolution Images Will Now Be Supported By Instagram

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Though not directly apparent from Instagram’s website, Instagram has begun storing images in more premium quality 1080 x 1080 pixel resolution. The Verge has reported that the company which used to store images in  640 x 640 pixel resolution has now gone High-Res.

The source code has the Key

Larger versions of the uploaded photos are not currently visible from the Instagram apps or website but can be found out by checking the source code.

It can be easily speculated that this change will lead to improvements involving the viewing experience of the application.

Again it will also help as a storehouse of all your High-res images. Getting better prints from applications that have Instagram plug-ins e.g. Shutterfly, can also be added to the benefits list.

Where can I see the Change?

To obtain any 1080 x 1080 pixels image in the Instagram website, just go to the concerned page and look up the source code. From there open the “Find” dialog and just type ‘.jpg’.

The first obtained result will be a direct URL to the larger version of the image.

Well, the news might not be as surprising. Storage is now becoming cheaper. With Google Photos offering unlimited storage, it’s time other photo sharing websites bring changes regarding photos and their quality.

Many Instagram users, in the past, have shown discomfort on the image resolution supported by one of the most popular services. Recent changes in storage capacity have enabled Instagram to quickly change gears.

But, we have to wait to see the real change.

What do you think about Instagram and the image quality support? Comment below and let us know. Also, share the news with your Instagram friends!

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