Gozem Acquires Togo-based Food Delivery Platform, Delivroum

Gozem Acquires Togo-based Food Delivery Platform, Delivroum

All over the world, a lot of individuals and corporate bodies are getting their heads into the logistics industry. The logistic business boomed this year, thanks to the coronavirus.

Besides, people find getting their goods delivered to them more convenient so, the industry keeps growing daily due to an ever-increasing demand.

In that regard, Gozem has announced the acquisition of a food delivery brand in Togo, Delivroum. The company plans to leverage on its effective transport network and the width of Delivroum’s restaurant network to create an efficient food delivery service.

Delivroum started operations in 2018 in Lomé. It was the first dedicated food delivery platform in West Africa.

Following its acquisition, Gozem now has the chance to reach more customers through its delivery platform. The brand now adds meals delivery to already existing delivery services it operates.

The services offered by Gozem includes delivery of groceries, cooking gas bottles, and other e-commerce items.

Also, Gozem mentions that the purchase will not affect the operations of Delivroum. Customers can continue to order meals through the dedicated Delivroum app and expect swift delivery as well.

‘’For Delivroum, it is a natural step to join Gozem as we have been in discussions for a while now. The highlight of our discussion is on how best we can work together. We recognize and value Gozem’s high growth capability. We are proud to join the family,’’ says, co-founder of Delivroum, Claude Kunakey.