Google unveils new logo

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Google has designed a new logo for its search engine that is much more compatible with several devices.

The new logo is more crisp and clear while Google has used a new Font style for its new logo. A video, created by Google, has also surfaced that shows evolution of Google’s logo, right from the beginning.

This new Google logo creates an entirely different image on one’s eye with same basic color scheme that Google always follows.

Google’s new logo for 2015 was created by the team working on the Android Material Design project. A number of members from Google Creative Lab also joined the mission and the process become lengthier after rejection of several designs.

A blog post by Google revealed that this logo was designed earlier this year in just a week’s collaboration but the struggle to make it compatible with smaller screens lengthened the process.

Unlike its previous logos, the new design of Google logo also includes an innovative four dot serial that blinks to indicate that the search engine is going through some process.

Google has also created a multi-color “G” logo that fits where full name is not suitable like web browser tabs. Google said that the new design is to reflect a better view for different user interfaces. Their blog post stated:

“Google logo is always kept simple and friendly. We aimed to throwback different qualities like mathematical purity from geometrics to the simplicity in a schoolbook letter print,”

This logo is in at 6 since Google was established in 1998. In October 1998, “G” of Google transformed its color from green to blue with the addition of an exclamatory mark at the end that was removed the following May.

Every new update by Google is more refined and user-friendly ensuring a better interface each time.

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