Google to start testing new feature that lets users know which content to trrust

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Many platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, have moved to combat the flux of fake news for some time now. Google has to be the biggest of such platforms that had not made such a move in the past. Given the new feature that the search engine giant is debuting, all that is soon to change.

According to the reports, this feature will alert users when a search query brings results that ae subject to change in a little amount of time. In other words, news items will be most affected in this new update.

The magnitude of such a huge update is that the Alphabet-owned company is only testing it out with the US region before rolling it out for the rest of the world. This will help users keep track of developing stories and not take anything that they get back from results on the search engine as the gospel.

In a world where blogs can publish anything and get it seen on the news channel – without as much repercussions as traditional news outlets – such a move is bold and necessary from the search engine giant.

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It remains to see if it catches on, how well it works, and if there would be a global release or the feature will be tossed to the bin later.

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