Google still investigating Android Q beta 5 issues, resume rollout anyways

Google still investigating Android Q beta 5 issues, resumes rollout anyways
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The Android Q beta 5 update started rolling out sometimes ago but it was quickly halted due to some issues that occurred with its installation on some devices. Of course, this is to be expected (since it is a beta update in the first place).

For those who have been waiting to get the next beta iteration for Android Q, you can now have the official thing from Google.

It should be noted that Google is still yet to get to the bottom of the problem which is preventing some devices from installing beta 5 upgrade to their phones. The rollout is for those phones which will be compatible with the new software, but some other phones are being returned to the beta 4 level for now.

As soon as we get any updates on this problem, we will bring you all the news right here.

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