Google partners Unity to bring improved gaming to the Chromebooks

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Google has been trying to create an ecosystem around its product for some time now, which is mostly like what Apple has already been able to achieve.

Here, we see how they are working hard to make the Chromebook and Android platform integrate seamlessly. To that end, the search engine giant has partnered up with Unity to improve the gaming models obtainable on the Chromebooks.

The partnership is designed to ensure games from the Android platform can be better ported to Chromebooks.

Given the jump in the sales and purchases of Chromebooks in 2020 alone, moving up to 100% of the year-on-year purchases, it makes sense that Google is trying to boost the user experience this way. Likewise, it is interesting to note that Unity is looking to allow other Android developers code game controls on the platform for an even better experience.

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For now, it is only a waiting game to see if this partnership will bear the fruits that both parties want – or it would be one of those experiments that they toss to the trash sometimes later.

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