Gokada appoints new CEO as the company achieves profitability status

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Since the tragic death of the Gokada CEO in 2020, the company has been without top leadership. However, it has been run collectively by the likes of Nikhil Goel working with others and the company has been able to 10X its revenue under his management.

It is, thus, little wonder that the same person be promoted to the role of CEO of Gokada Nigeria.

Speaking with TechCabal, Goel confirmed that the company does not have any plans of leaving Lagos anytime soon. He also confirmed that they had been able to spin off their business into one that focused on deliverers as they could not just sell off all of the bikes that the start-up had already acquired.

His foresight and direction have already helped the company to reach profitability in the last twelve months and there is a high chance that they only keep going up.

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It is also remarkable to note the G-Hub plan that the company launched which allowed them to do a revenue split between themselves and the owners of certain locations when pickups and delivery happen on their property.

All of these point to the fact that Gokada is ready to break into even more niches and adapt better to allow them become better at what they do.

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