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Evolving modern washing machine trends – the re-engineered “Laundry Expert”

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Evolving modern washing machine trends – the re-engineered “Laundry Expert”

Lifestyle trends have evolved at a rapid pace in the last couple of years and we have been fortunate enough to witness many of these transitional changes that have successfully managed to create a new way of doing things. Today’s consumers express the desire for a more conscious life and get rid of unnecessary things, making time for more of life’s beautiful and winning moments.

A washing machine is an important household necessity. Whether it is removing an ink blotch on your favourite T-shirt, or cleaning your trusty and dusty duvet, you’ll need a washing machine to clean them.

The history of the washing machine goes back to some of the oldest civilizations, as people tried to find the best ways to wash their clothes, first in streams of running water and then in ever more sophisticated wash-houses and tanks. The desire to render the washing process less laborious and more hygienic has brought about the impressive array of inventions with which we are familiar nowadays.

Modern-day washers, like the new ones you see in stores today, come with many useful features and functions. From semi-automatic to fully automatic, from top loaders to front loaders, there has been a gradual improvement in washing machine technology. The latest line-ups of washing machines are not just capable of cleaning all kinds of fabrics but are also smart enough to keep them fresh and soft after a wash.

We would all like to be able to double our free time or be able to save just a little time to enjoy the finer things in life. Thanks to smarter household gadgets, life is getting easier at home, giving us more freedom to enjoy quality time with loved ones. The truth is, this new trend of smart home gadgets is bringing us much closer to realising our dreams.

Evolving modern washing machine trends – the re-engineered “Laundry Expert”

Today, consumers are very particular that their devices seamlessly combine functionality and aesthetics. Products with a clear design that elegantly integrate all the necessities are the most sought after these days. Everything we use affects our well-being and can enrich our lives every day. It is therefore even more important that we surround ourselves with well-designed products, especially at home.

Innovative, reliable and easy to use – what more can you ask for in a washing machine? How about a sleek design that will become the centrepiece of your laundry room?

According to a recent study conducted by LG, 58 percent of people spend more than three hours every week on laundry, and 59 percent use their washing machines three times or more to separately clean the sorted laundry. In other words, 384 days are spent on doing laundry during an average lifetime.

The revolutionary LG TWINWash™ can significantly shorten this time by running two separate loads of laundry simultaneously. The powerful main washer above handles the bulk of laundry, cutting wash time by up to 30 minutes with its TurboWash™ 2.0 technology.

Evolving modern washing machine trends – the re-engineered “Laundry Expert”

The nozzle inside the drum directly sprays a concentrated solution of detergent onto the clothes and another powerful high-pressure nozzle sprays tiny water particles that penetrate the fabric during high-spin cycles for effective rinsing.

At the same time, the LG SideKick™, which fits neatly in a hideaway pedestal can be set to run a different wash cycle for smaller loads. It is perfect for delicate items that require unique wash settings like activewear, lingerie, and baby clothes.

In addition to functionality, aesthetic elements of laundry rooms have become equally important. Available in modern stainless steel and white, the LG TWINWash™ adds a luxurious look to the room. TWINWash™ was recognised for its advanced design, winning a Red Dot Award and an International Design Excellence Award.

The LG TurboSteam® dryer and LG dryer pedestal storage have both been designed to complement the LG TWINWash™, which together form a perfect bundle to modernise a new laundry room. The LG TWINWash™ is also ideal for households that handle large loads of laundry as it can play the role of two washing machines in half the space.

There has been a significant change in the customer profile of the washing machine industry in recent times. Companies are pitching their products to attract sales from these customers and provide them with technologically advanced washing machines. Path-breaking washers like TWINWASH™ help users to double up and segregate laundry load.

As mentioned above, modern washers can remove a variety of stains, grime and dirt, using efficient technologies like a direct drive. Improved design also helps in reducing the emitted noise levels. All these are achieved keeping electricity and water consumption low, too.

So if you are wondering, “How do I spend all the free time I’ve just gained from my LG TWINWash?”, why don’t you turn it into some “Me Time”, and spend it doing the things that help you make more of life’s winning moments?

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