Ericsson to Host the Graduate Program 2020 Edition in Africa

Ericsson to Host the Graduate Program 2020 Edition in Africa

Not long ago, Ericsson announced that it would be hosting the 2020 edition of the Graduate Program in Africa.

The goal of the initiative is to train the graduates in Ericsson technology and nurture their technical skills.

That aside, the program also aims to impact knowledge in these graduates by showing them the solutions, tools, processes, and methods used at Ericsson.

Further, the Graduate Program looks to familiarize interested candidates with the working principles of most global matrix-driven firms in terms of mission, corporate culture, operational strategy, and values.

All these are prerequisites to get them ready for the outside world and the challenges they may face.

Ericsson is dedicated to building the local talents for the African market. Actualizing that plan will support its long-term commitment to grow and develop the African economy and business space.

This program, therefore, allows us to identify the best talents, train them, and provide them with sustainable careers over a specified period.

‘’The Fresh Graduate Program in Africa is fashioned towards adding momentum to the career of these graduates at the right time. It will help in maximizing the skills they have acquired during their degree programs and equip them to make positive impacts on Africa at large,’’

‘’In a bid to attract the most talented and innovative African minds, the program allows these graduates to engage with some of the most exciting tech innovations on the planet,’’ says, Caroline Berns, Head of Talent Acquisition, Ericsson Middle East and Africa.

The program allows Ericsson to balance the gender equality scale in the field of tech as women constitute half of the total graduates hired.