Dell, HP to resell Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets

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Microsoft is expanding its sales and distribution by developing a partnership with Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP) to sell Surface Pro tablets and accessories.

Microsoft made a statement on September 8th and announced that Dell and HP will provide their services for advancing the sales of Surface Pro tablets and supplementing them with enterprise-grade services.

Microsoft stated in a blog post that Dell will hawk the Surface Pro tablets and other accessories that will probably start in October.

Customers will be able to buy the Surface Pro tablets even from the Dell’s site directly. Dell will also provide its warranty and service to Surface Pro buyers.

There is no official statement or rumors regarding the financial support agreements for the deal.

“Our customers always ask us to have some standard for our employees, searching for different devices in thousands of others,”

said Brian Hall, Microsoft’s GM for Surface Pro products.

“We are sure that all those capabilities and features will be viewed in Dell soon,”

he added.

Microsoft is not the only company who signed partnership for a better sale of its products. In August this year, Apple Inc. signed a partnership with Cisco for a better distribution of its iPad and accessories to business customers.

Apple and IBM also signed a document for the development of some apps for the iPad.

Dell said in its statement,

“In the start of October, we will provide our services for selling Surface Pro and Surface Pro accessories in the North American zone and probably in other regions in the start of 2016. It’s the first time ever that a PC selling company is collaborating with Microsoft.”

HP representatives have also welcomed the move in their statement.

“We are pleased to announce that for the Microsoft’s Enterprise sales, we will be providing Surface Pro 3 that will appear for a direct sale on our site. We will also provide a pack of HP Care Unit. We are also planning some mobility flow tools and transformations that will be available by the next year.

Microsoft’s approach to Dell and HP is being considered a good step towards boosting sales and distribution.

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