KairosWebTV launches with Data saving Streaming in Nigeria

From Left: Mr. Ejiro Eghagha, Managing Partner Mercury West Africa, Mr Onoriode Akpe, Chief Executive Officer of Red Sappire Limited, Mr. Celestine Achi, the CEO of Cihan Group and the founder of KairosWebTV and Ms. Ruth Opakunle, Head Marketing of Cihan Group (PRNewsFoto/Cihan Group)
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Online TV platform, KairosWebTV, has announced its entrance into the Nigerian internet sphere.

KairosWebTV offers online TV services and is especially adored by emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs.

It provides content on start-ups, news and insights, technology trends, edutainment, skits, events and online digital training.

The platform is set to transform Nigeria’s online television space, according to CIHAN, its parent firm.

KairosWebTV at the moment features seven channels with content partners from all over the world. Among them are Fate Foundation, Real Success (SA), Nigerian Olympic Committee and The Winlos.

CIHAN CEO and founder of KairosWebTV, Mr. Celestine Achi said the platform was designed to save costs for viewers.

According to him, the era of ripping off on pay TV viewers must be challenged through disruptive technologies.

“We want to restore confidence in the minds of digital natives, while providing enabling ground for the digital migrants to approach the power of the internet. Whether you are on 2G, 3G or 4G LTE, the experience will be such that videos should show seamlessly,” he said.

He also said some words about the channels and what viewers will get from them.

“The Entrepreneurship Channel focuses on motivating emerging entrepreneurs and startups. We are doing that through three key partnerships. Also, the NetNEWS Channel provides up to date news on entertainment, politics, business, Sports. However, we will even go deeper to give you news behind the news, which are usually the human angle stories,”

“KairosWebTV also recognizes the need to inspire creativity. That is why we have the Winlos Channel; in other words, using creative, inspiring and hilarious skits, sketches and dramatic illustrations to inspire its viewers on real life issues. The TechSavvy Channel delivers news and insights on the latest technology trends.”

He added that ‘E-Event” Channel will be for streaming of live events, products launch, conferences, among other. The EduSense Channel is made to inspire pupils, students and undergraduates on core subjects, he added.

“As a way of giving back to the society, we have a Digital PR Channel that offers masterclass training and courses in social media and Digital PR. Any organization that wants to be relevant, mediawise, in this digital disruption era, must have competencies in digital marketing and other kits. So, we want to train people for FREE, through our online channel.”

“We are already making headway with a lot of partnerships. For instance, we have a sports channel, which at the moment is called ‘TeamNaija’ which is brought to you in partnership with the Nigerian Olympics Committee. TeamNaija is dedicated to the advancement of sports in Nigeria and to the success of Nigeria at the forthcoming Olympics in RIO, Brazil. All activities to be streamed live,” added Mr. Ono Akpe, CEO of Red Sappire Limited.

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