COVID-19: Nigerians will now start seeing the place of remote work

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Mr. Remi Afon is a cybersecurity expert who believes that the current COVID-19 pandemic which the country is dealing with will also shape the future of work when it is over. In his views, the country still lacks the infrastructure to make a virtual workplace happen on a larger scale, but we are already moving towards getting that to happen.

This is not a lie, seeing as many companies have started asking their members of staff to work remotely. In states like Ogun, Lagos and the FCT where a total lockdown has been declared for at least two weeks, the case for remote work is even stronger.

In the past couple of weeks alone, we have seen startups like Paystack also try out the remote work model so that they can know how to best prepare for a forced situation such as this.

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Even government parastatals are not left out of the mix. To obey the social distancing rules better, the governor of Lagos state held an executive meeting via the Zoom video platform just this week too.

That is showing us that the move to remote meetings and work is very much underway.

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