Comcast launches Stream Streaming TV Service

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The latest combatant to enter the streaming TV wars is Comcast. The cable company has announced that they will be providing a new service called Stream, a streaming TV service aimed at stemming competition from the likes of Netflix and Hulu.

The stream will give you a Cable TV experience without the need of a cable box, or a TV for that matter. All you’ll need is the company’s internet service and a phone call to activate the service; assuming you live in the right jurisdiction.

Stream delivers TV exclusively over an “IP-based managed network” connection to phones, tablets and computers. Stream will also work on TVs as well, but there is a catch.

Comcast will be providing a Comcast internet service which you will need to subscribe to if you wish to use Stream on your TV. Stream’s TV feed will only work while you are at home.

It will be starting off in select areas by the end of this summer. And though it’s a just a brand new service it carries a lot of restrictions.

The subscription fee is $15 a month and you will get access to about a dozen channels, including broadcast channels and HBO. But no other cable channel including ESPN will be available, as reported in the New York Times.

Comcast had made earlier efforts to make TV available at home on phones and tablets via their AnyPlay box. The company also has an IPYV service through universities.

For anyone interested in this service, it will primarily be launching in Boston and if all seems positive availability areas will include Chicago and Seattle.

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