CcHUB Joins Forces with GSMA Africa to Develop A Pan-African IoT Space

CcHUB Joins Forces with GSMA Africa to Develop A Pan-African IoT Space

Yesterday, at the GSMA Thrive Africa event, Co-creation Hub announced its partnership with GSMA.

Bosun Tijani, CEO of CcHUB and iHUB, did the honours of revealing the collaboration between Co-creation Hub – the largest technology innovation centre in Africa, and GSMA Africa.

Already, the two companies have launched a pan-African Internet of Things community platform to facilitate a better connection between the different players in the IoT space.

The platform, which is tagged ‘Building Wakanda’, will propel conversations that are relevant to the development and growth of the African IoT ecosystem.

Also, through the platform, both companies aim to build awareness about the impacts of various stakeholders in achieving the common goal, which is developing the African tech ecosystem.

Besides, physical laboratories where innovative minds can meet to build and test their ideas will be all over the continent.

According to the duo, the first of the labs will start operations this year, and it will serve members of communities in Nairobi, Kenya. It will emerge as the first open IoT lab In East Africa and the second in Africa.

Commenting, Bosun said, ‘’We believe that for us to do great and sustainable things, we need to pinpoint and invite vital stakeholders who can invest the resources to inspire new thinking, create awareness, and support IoT innovators.’’