Casio Entering the Smart Watch Market

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Casio Computer Company of Japan has just announced that they will manufacture modern-day smartwatches to compete with the likes of the Apple Watch.

The masters of watch making enter the smartwatch arena

It has been four decades since Casio had introduced the first digital watch, which basically is a point of argument that Casio was the first manufacturer of “smart” watches.

But now The Wall Street Journal reports that Casio will be introducing their smartwatches.

Currently, Casio doesn’t have any smartwatch on its product line to compete with the kinds of Apple Watch. They do have a version of their famous G-Shock Watch that can connect to Apple and Samsung Galaxy devices.

These watches can alert the wearer about incoming calls, texts and calendar notifications that are on the phone. They also allow to control music playback on your phone.

Kazuhiro Kashio, Casio’s President hasn’t disclosed the specific features of the possible smartwatch from the company, offered some idea of what to expect.

The watch will be targeted at men interested in outdoor sports and leisure activities. This will determine the design and appearance of the watch.

Kashio also stated that it will be quite comfortable to wear and have a very stylish appearance.

Casio had in the past introduced watches with some novel features, like the inclusion of a heart rate monitor and tried-out a schedule manager.

Due to the failure of execution the products were pulled off as they didn’t sell well, said Kashio.

“We are trying to bring our smartwatches to a level of watch perfection: a device that won’t break easily, is simple to put on, and feels good to wear.”

The watches are estimated to come with a price tag of around $400 and will have a tough competitive market with companies like Apple and Pebble.

Still people are very well aware of the weight that comes with the brand name Casio and they should have a good market presence.

Kashio says the company will launch in Japan and United States first and hasn’t said anything about plans of international release.

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