Carry1st – a South African gaming startup – raises $6m Series A to scale across the continent

Carry1st – a South African gaming startup – raises $6m Series A to scale across the continent
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Carrry1st is a mobile games publishing startup that provides a channel through which global gaming platforms witness the capabilities of the African market.

To expand its reach, the South African startup has raised $6m in Series A funding.

Carry1st launched in Cape Town in 2019. And the platform emerged as a mobile games publisher that serves the first generation of African smartphone users.

So far, the firm has reached over 1.5 million users across South Africa.

Aside from gaming, the startup provides its partners with deep-rooted publishing solution, marketing, localization, customer experience, and handling distribution, to mention a few.

One of the products of Carry1st is Pay1st – an embedded fintech solution that utilizes well-adopted payment methods that allow customers to make payments in their preferred way.

Carry1st plans to collaborate with global gaming studios with the capital from the funding round. The platform also looks to launch and scale its existing portfolio of games, expand its product range, and improve its engineering.

‘’We are thrilled to partner with a world-class group of investors who provide capital and are experts in publishing, fintech, and game development,’’ said Cordel Robbin-Coker, CEO and co-founder of Carry1st.

‘’Last year, we successfully signed seven great titles, recruited a cutting-edge international team, and launched our digital commerce and payment platform.’’

With the latest investment, we are in good shape to do more and delight millions of users across Africa and the world at large,’’ Cordel concluded.

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