Car Hailing Firm Tappago to launch in Nigeria, Kenya & Uganda

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A new car hailing app, Tappago, is set to launch in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, with a promise to reinvent the taxi service in Africa.

Tappago is owned by UK-based tech firm Tappago Technologies. It is an on demand taxi service that allows users to order a taxi, private cars or ride a share within minutes via a mobile app.

The app is available on iOS and Android platforms. It works just like Uber, Easy Taxi, Mara Moja and Mondo Ride.

Reports say Toppago is now hiring drivers in Lagos, Kampala and Nairobi. On launch, users will be able to use standard saloon cars, Motorcycles, tuk-tuks and buses for 8 passengers.

Like on any other demand taxi service, Toppago users can hail a cab or a motorcycle or share a ride. They can track the location of drivers via a Mobile App on their mobile phones to see if there’s a driver around.

Taxi drivers also get a modern, real-time dispatch to know where and when demand is. This is a fundamental problem which the Toppago app solves, the firm said.

Users sign up via a social sign in or through an email and password. They then enter their location and destination, get their fare estimate and get connected with a vetted driver.

The user can then tack their driver as they approach. On arrival at their destination, there is choice to pay via cash or credit card.

Toppago will be joining a number of cab hailing firms in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda. It will be competing directly with Uber, which seems to be leading the pack.

Recent reports say a number of drivers are considering not working with Uber because its commission is too high. Other drivers however say the volume of trips they get from Uber are the industry’s highest.

Nevertheless, Toppago’s success in these African nations will be determined by a lot of factors. Some of these include user safety, pricing and driver-partner compensation.

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