Canons new ME20F-SH camera can capture images in near-complete darkness

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Canon has announced the ME20F-SH camera. It is a full-frame multipurpose camera and will be shipping a max ISO of over 4000000 for an amazing low light performance.

Here’s the whats and hows of the Canon ME20F-SH:

So imagine shooting videos in total darkness and ending up with clearly differentiable content. That is the promise of the Canon ME-20F-SH

Canon also says that the camera can focus on objects which the photographer can’t voluntarily see. It will have the capability to capture coloured video in extreme low-lit conditions.

Canon themselves proposed a number of scenarios where the new camera will to excel. Take into consideration: night time surveillance & security, filming, nature and wildlife footage. But we can leave the speculations to the imaginative minds; who knows what they can do with these shooters.

The method of achieving this lies in the pixel size. The ME20F-Sh camera has a pixel size 5.5 times larger compared other recent high-quality cameras.

The camera will also include Canon Log and Wide DR. These features will allow the device to attain a wide dynamic range and attain high-quality videos irrespective of the lighting conditions.

Again Canon’s entire collection of ME20F-SH will be compatible with all EF lenses. So you don’t have to spend extra cash on buying this baby new artillery.

It also boasts a simple and versatile design, making it capable of fitting into existing shooting systems.

But here is a tricky part. The camera doesn’t have the capability to record internally. It also doesn’t have an onboard monitor to change setting.

For this reason, it will be coming with 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI output terminals. You will have to wire the camera with an external recorder to capture images.

The concept of a 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor was first announced as far back as 2013. The ME20F-SH will be the first camera to utilize this.

If you are interested in buying this camera, you have to wait till December. The wait makes a lot of sense, since it gives you ample time to put-together $30000, which is going to be the price of the new camera.

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