Application Now Open for the WeThinkCode_ Software development Programme for African Youth

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The world is going digital at a faster rate than before. The operation of all devices, gadgets, and other tech-related innovation follows a particular code designed to guide the operations of such machine. 

The codes, which serves as instructions, are written by programmers. As there are thousands of innovations yet to be brought to life, the demand for skilled programmers continue to surge.

In that vein, a group of companies have joined forces to sponsor a tuition-free coding academy called WeThinkCode_. 

The institution, which is located in Johannesburg, is a two-year tuition-free programme funded by top companies who are in search of cutting-edge computer programming skills.

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The programme is a journey that leads successful candidates to full-time employment with one of the many sponsors.

The coding academy provides its students with world-class technologies, which allows them to code alongside skilled individuals who share the same passion. 

The programme is open to not just only South Africans, but also individuals in other African countries. 

For international students looking to apply to the WeThinkCode_ academy, it is required of them to have a valid South African ID. 

Entry Requirements for Applicants

  • Every applicant must be between the ages of 17 and 35
  • They must complete and pass the academy’s online application process
  • No former knowledge in coding is required
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