Apple rolls out iOS 12.3.1 to fix VoLTE and Messages app bugs

Apple rolls out iOS 12.3.1 to fix VoLTE and Messages app bugs

If you have an Apple iPhone that you use daily, you will soon start getting a notification of a new system update that has been sent to you. More than anything, this update has been rolled out to fix some issues that have been reported by a handful of users in the past months.

The update represents the latest firmware from the company and comes as version 12.3.1, so you will know it when you do see it. You should not confuse this update with the version 12.3 which was released just two weeks ago, as this was brought on to fix some issues that were not patched (or were caused) by that other update.

That said, you should get fixes for issues where you could neither make nor receive calls via VoLTE.

Likewise, there is a fix for a bug in the Messages app which could cause messages from unknown senders show up in your conversations, even though you have enabled settings against that (Filter Unknown Senders). Still in the same breath, the update fixed the functionality of the Report button for unknown senders so they can be taken off your list (and that of other iPhone users like you) for good.

While they are making these tiny updates to the OS, know that the Cupertino-based company is currently working overtime on getting their iOS 13 out there. We can’t wait.