Apple reboots the iPhone 6S plus, markets it as ‘incredible’

Apple reboots the iPhone 6S plus, markets it as ‘incredible’

At the last iPhone launch event, Apple stated that it wouldn’t be supporting some units anymore, and every device from the iPhone 6 series got the axe in that massive experiment. It is thus surprising that the Cupertino-based brand will come out with a campaign meant to promote the iPhone 6S.

This is currently happening in India where Apple has reived the phone through local production in the country, and have labelled it ‘incredible.’

For those of us who might need a refresher, the iPhone 6S launched in September 2015, and it would be a massive four years by the time the new units for this year comes out. We believe this decision is a strategic one given the fact that Apple is not doing well in the Asian market as well as it would have hoped to.

Looking at everything on ground, no one can expect Apple to do better than they are currently managing. India is a market where a lot of Android devices abound, and they are usually at fair price ranges.

Asking an average Indian to splurge thousands of dollars on an iPhone would almost sound illogical. It is, thus, wise that they went back in time to bring back a device that has fallen down the value chain, and they can hope to compete with some Android devices with that.

It remains to see how far they can get with the current campaign, but it could mean something great for the company in that market.