Apple introduces fastest MacBooks ever, but they could dent your pockets

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Even though Apple makes a lot of its income from iPhone sales, they decided to dedicate a Tuesday event to their recent line of Macs entering the market. There was a time when the company used to wait years before they introduced a new line-up, but that has changed since about the last three introductions in the series.

Of course, the aim of a new launch is to improve on the features of the past ones and also, make sure users get fixes for complaints they might have had with the previous models. It is interesting to note that Apple kept to both criteria, but the price of this year’s refreshers might have gone way through the roof.

Speaking of improvements, the company promises to have

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  • created what they believe to be the fastest MacBooks ever
  • improved the butterfly keyboard on the units, eliminating the keyboard problem on the older models with butterfly keys which used to cost $700 in repairs
  • slapped a new core i9 processor with as much as 32GB of RAM on some models, and so much more.

While prices for the current unit start at around $1,799, you can splurge as much as $6,500 to get the top of the line model which features all of the core i9 processor and massive RAM.

Smartphone Deals on Jumia