Apple Announces the AirPods Pro Limited Edition in China for 1,999 Yuan (~$310)

Apple Announces the AirPods Pro Limited Edition in China for 1,999 Yuan (~$310)
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In October 2019, Apple unveiled the Pro variant of its True Wireless earphones – the AirPods Pro.

The AirPods Pro features notable improvements that justifies the high price tag. They include the new in-ear design and the Active Noise Cancellation feature to mention a few.

Reports have it that the company is getting ready to announce the Airpods Pro successor in the first quarter of 2021.

Recall, last year, the tech giant announced the AirPods Max, which arrived as an overhead earphone for $549.

Now, Apple has taken to China to unveil the AirPods Pro Limited Edition. The new earphones features ‘emojis of the year’ on the retail box and the charging case.

Besides, it appears that every other feature of the new AirPods Pro Limited Edition is the same as that of the standard AirPods Pro.

Talking features, the all-new TWS earphones from Apple features a silicone ear tip which sits over the ear canal. The silicone ear tips are vital for the Active Noise Cancellation feature that the earphones offer.

The in-built software supports dual-microphone setup, which continuously adapts to remove background sound and offer top-notch sound experience.

It also comes with adaptive equalizer that automatically regulate audio frequencies based on the shape of the user’s ear canal.

Meanwhile, the earphones allow users to enable Transparency Mode, which disables ANC and enables users to hear background noises.

The new Apple H1 chip is responsible for the improved performance of the AirPods Pro, and it promises five hours of active playtime.

The AirPods Pro Limited Edition sells for 1,999 Yuan (~$310) in the Chinese market.

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