Airtel Nigeria partners Avaya Holdings Corporation to facilitate the adoption of remote working and learning in Nigeria.

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Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus in majority of the countries in the world, the concept of remote working, also known as working from home, and remote learning has been adopted by workers and student.

In line with the lockdown measures and social distancing rules made by the government of each nation, the majority of organizations and businesses had to instruct workers to stay at home in compliance with the government’s instruction.

In a bid to make remote learning and working effective and comfortable, lots of resources and applications have been provided to the public by several companies in the space of 5 months, and more significant resources are still in works.

Now, Airtel Nigeria, one of the leading telecommunications firms in the country, has entered into a partnership with Avaya Holding Corporation, to facilitate the adoption of remote working and learning practices in Nigeria.

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Following the partnership, access to the entire features of Avaya’s flagship collaboration app – Avaya Spaces, will be provided to Nigerian organizations on a complimentary basis through Airtel Nigeria.

In a statement, Oladokun Oye, the Head of Enterprise Division Airtel Nigeria said, ”Our partnership with Avaya provides significant sectors in the country with cushion. We support organizations in the nation by helping them maintain the health status of their workers, students, and customers, while ensuring minimum interference to everyday business and activities,”

‘’We have pumped a lot of resources into building a robust telecommunications network. Today, assisted by our partnership with Avaya, our investment will facilitate continued delivery of services, as well as sustaining economic activities, especially in these trying times, regardless of the location and physical space,’’ he added.

With the Avaya Spaces app, ad-hoc HD conferencing videos can be launched to bring everyone together to share information or conduct meetings. The app also automatically alerts the users when another user chats or posts within the space.

Airtel Nigeria further mentioned that its partnership with Avaya Holdings is one of the many ways it’s staying true to its commitment towards the fight against COVID-19, and minimizing the spread of the virus in the country.

Presently, the Avaya Space app is available on Apple Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android-powered devices. Avaya Space can also be securely accessed through Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

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